Rusting bridge to be painted at last

Published: Thursday, 24 October 2019

THERE is the possibility that the rusting Stockton Swing Bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal could be at last painted.

Talks have been held between Peel Ports and the local council, with the hope it can be started early next year, Alan Tilbury reports.

StocktonRustyClose the bridge

It was the news however that Peel wanted to close the bridge to traffic whilst this was being done, that has caused such delay, but there is the possibility that one lane can remain open whilst the work is being done.

But this it seems will only be during rush hour times, it being closed otherwise and at night.

A local councillor has told that the Council has worked with Peel 'to look at it sensibly' and that an agreement can be reached.

The original six months closure of the bridge was unacceptable to the council, that caused the problem.