Shroppie closed on Bank Holiday Monday

Published: Wednesday, 28 August 2019

THE Shropshire Union Canal was closed on Bank Holiday Monday.

This stoppage was caused by a sunken boat in Wharton's Lock (10) at Beeston, Keith Gudgin reports.

Caiught on the cill

The boat had caught on the cill, and yet again shows that Canal & River Trust should take responsibility for the literally hundreds of sinkings of boats caused by the boaters not realising the danger of the cill and the Trust's indifference by not having sufficient warning of the possibility of being sunk.

The word 'cill' painted on the ground has little meaning to many, especially either newcomers or hirers as the many sinking testify.

River Canal Rescue

It's notice stated 'closed until further notice', so boaters should hope CaRT bring in River Canal Rescue who can remove it quickly and not an inexperienced local firm.


The boat has now been removed and the navigation open.