Knee-jerk reaction

Published: Thursday, 22 August 2019

THERE has been a lot said about the RAF tipping bags unto the space where the soil had drained away on the Toddbrook spillway, writes Julian Whiting.

Toddbrook VegBut what was the point of it all when you come to think? The water was being pumped out and was well down by the time the bags had reach the actual dam to prevent it giving way.

Knee-jerk reaction

It was nothing but a knee-jerk reaction giving the impression that something was being done, that did nothing.

I certainly agree with you that it is obvious why the spillway collapsed, as the many photographs well show the vegetation growing through the multitude of cracks, that obviously let the water through that then washed the holding soil away.  Any fool can see that.

The 'inspection' last year that Canal & River Trust told had been done was a mockery, but no doubt the promised 'investigation' will come up with some weird and wonderful alternative!