Toddbrook failure was an 'anomaly' says CaRT

Published: Thursday, 22 August 2019

WE NOW learn from Canal & River Trust that the failure of Toddbrook Reservoir was an 'anomaly' according to its Regional Director Sean McGinley.

He confirms that its repair may take three years, but gives no definite time frame for the work.  He also states that the repair to the spillway will cost millions, Keith Gudgin reports.

WhaleyBridgeWeedsExtend over whole length

It is generally expected that the void underneath the collapsed concrete will extend over the whole length of the spillway as there are trees and the like growing through it that obviously let in water causing the soil to wash away and the concrete to collapse.

It is not known whether the dam wall will require 'a large-scale repair or a complete rebuild', Sean McGinley states, but will of cause depend on how much soil has washed away.

Investigation is underway

However, as obvious as the failure is, an investigation into what caused the partial collapse of the spillway is now under way.

Boaters will no doubt be interested to learn if this some how or other exonerates Canal & River Trust.