And still they come

Published: Friday, 31 May 2019

IN ADDITION to the three northern canals closed, now comes a river navigation.

The Aire & Calder is now closed from Lock 4 to Lock 7 as a weir has collapsed, Keith Gudgin reports.

lemonroyd2Poor state of repair

Listed however by Canal & River Trust as 'overflow weir has failed', the weir has obviously collapsed being in a poor state of repair.

The navigation is now closed between Fishpond Lock (4) and Lemonroyd Lock (7) until a repair can be undertaken.

There is no intimation when a repair will take place.

The picture shows the narrowboatworld boat 'lost' in the rather large Lemonroyd Lock, when we 'dared' to cruise the northern canals in the days of British Waterways!


Now repaired and reopened.