Wrong priorities

Published: Sunday, 02 June 2019

GROUNDED at Birchills on the Wryley & Essington, taking part in the BCN challenge, Dave Carden was not at all cheered by CaRT's latest sign, and writes:

Complete with upside down tyre logo and explaining how life is being made better by water—although not actually on it!

Puddles800Ran aground

We actually ran aground due to the considerate (not) mooring in the middle of the cut by the towpath contractors.

When oh! when is the cut going to be spent on like the Towpaths aka cycle highways/running tracks/walkways?

That said, again we had a great run (sorry cruise) along the Thame Valley /W and E /Walsall/old and New Main Line and loops and only two visits to the prop (Walsall the best I have seen for a while.)

Due to local staff

Thanks are due to all the local CaRT staff that I report to—who always look after us when we report in on various matters (stuck or otherwise) and attend to things as best they canbut their hands are tied...

As the sign shows. It is obviously designed by somebody in head office and illustrates how out of touch the hierarchy are.

As I have said before always best to report any problem then there is more than a chance it will get sorted or at least noted for the future.

Pump broken again

Talking of whichthe GU summit though is having problems with the Camp Hill Pump broken again, so water level around five inches down, let alone it needs dredging. Go careful!