British Waterways and towpaths

Published: Monday, 09 August 2010

BRITISH Waterways realises the problem with errant cyclists on the upgraded towpaths, and tells us it would welcome constructive suggestions.

Montgomery restoration

Published: Friday, 06 August 2010

ACCORDING to the speakers at the Montgomery Canal Forum at Oswestry, nature was all important in the restoration of the waterway.

Chesterfield Canal pollution

Published: Friday, 06 August 2010

THE summit pound of the Chesterfield Canal at Kiverton is at present closed owing to third party pollution.

Workboats go under the hammer

Published: Friday, 06 August 2010

BRITISH Waterways is scrapping 40 of its workboats and ancillary equipment that is being auctioned off next month.

Glow worms on the Grand Union

Published: Friday, 06 August 2010

A HERTFORDSHIRE resident, Sue Rickard, has reported a sighting of glow worms near Hemel Hempstead on the Grand Union Canal.

Weevils to clear water weed

Published: Friday, 06 August 2010

TINY weevils have just been released into the the Bridgwater & Taunton Canal in Somerset in an attempt to eradicate the problematic North American Water Fern.

Basingstoke success

Published: Thursday, 05 August 2010

LAST weekend 16 boats enjoyed a virtually trouble free trip up the Woodham and St Johns flights to help the St Johns Society raise awareness of the need for a new Community Hall at St Johns.

Rochdale will remain open

Published: Thursday, 05 August 2010

BRITISH Waterways have confirmed that after reviewing the water supply position it has hopes that the Rochdale Canal will remain open until at least the end of the summer holidays.

Hopes dashed for Grantham Canal

Published: Thursday, 05 August 2010

THE Secretary of State has ruled that the raising of Mann's Bridge on the Grantham Canal was not relevant to the public inquiry and the A46 scheme.

Caen Hill damage—no action against boater

Published: Wednesday, 04 August 2010

THOUGH it cost £45,000 to repair the lock gate that was damaged by a boater on the Caen Hill Flight, no action is being taken against him.