No Bridgewater charge for CaRT boaters visiting events

Published: Thursday, 18 May 2017

THE Canal & River Trust has managed to persuade the Bridgewater Canal Company to allow free passage both ways for its (CaRT's) customers to travel the Bridgewater Canal to visit events.

It was last year the the Bridgewater Canal Company introduced the rule that the Trust's licenced crafts are permitted up to seven consecutive days free navigation on the Bridgewater Canal, with no return within any 28 day period, Keith Gudgin tells us.

Will not be charged

Any return then had to be paid for, but now the Company has agreed that  Canal & River Trust customers requiring access across the Bridgewater Canal to attend festivals will not be charged for a return passage falling within 28 days of the outbound journey.

If you plan to attend an event and make both passages across the Bridgewater Canal within 28 days, you are asked to provide your boat's name, index number, proposed dates of passage and which festival/s you will be attending to the Trust, and it will pass the details over to the Bridgewater Canal Company accordingly.

Permit required

Normally,  after seven days from first arriving on the Bridgewater Canal a permit will be required to remain on the waterway. Any return within 28 days from the date of leaving whether leaving after three days or five days or up to seven days you will require an additional permit.