Canal shop owner jailed for sexually assaulting women

Published: Thursday, 18 May 2017

THE man who ran the Canal Shop Online and the chandlery at Hillmorton, Richard Saillet, has been jailed for eight years convicted of sexually assaulting elderly women in their homes.

The police stated at Oxford Crown Court that he targeted the women because of their vulnerability, forcing his way into his victim's house before assaulting her, John Howard tells us.


He used the excuse to one woman that he needed to visit her house for a property survey, then asked to use the toilet but the woman found him is her son's bedroom, where he forced her on to the bed and assaulted her.

He also attacked a woman in Greens Norton and another in Bromsgrove, assaulting them when they resisted his advances.

Dangerous man

In court he was described as a calculating, ruthless and dangerous man by Senior Crown Prosecutor Jeremy Taylor, adding:

"This prosecution would not have been possible without the courage of the victims, who were willing to support proceedings. I commend them for their bravery."

The investigation took a year but he was eventually caught by DNA evidence, number-plate recognition software and mobile phone site analysis that placed him at the scene of his crimes.

He was jailed for four counts of sexual assault.

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