Towpaths not included

Published: Thursday, 09 February 2017

I SEE we had statistics by the Department of Transport that showed a nearly 50% increase in collisions by cyclists and pedestrians on pavements, writes David Fortune.

But it was obvious that these did not include the collisions by pedestrians and cyclists on towpaths, and I have spoken to many boaters who have had collisions and altercations with cyclists, not counting the general public.

Aware of such problems

Canal & River Trust must be aware of such problems on its towpaths, and I remember no few collisions being reported in narrowboatworld not only as news items but as experienced by your contributors too.

But I don't expect for one moment Canal & River Trust would report such collisions as we all know the number of its visitors are all important to it, and telling that they are likely to be splattered by fast moving cyclists would not help one little bit in its millions and millions and millions of visitors.

Hit by a cyclist

As to one of my own experience of being hit by a cyclist. One instant was one morning whilst moored at Nottingham, whilst undoing my ropes, I was hit by a cyclist who was most likely late for work. So I have now copied other boaters who always have a member of crew holding the middle rope across the towpath whilst I either tie or release mooring ropes.  I sometimes get some bad language as they have to slow down, but the old saying is very true that 'sticks and stones may break my bones but calling will not hurt me'!