Fencing a waste of money

Published: Wednesday, 08 February 2017

ONCE again the use of fences around our waterways raises its ugly head, but when will people realise they are a waste of money, ask James Henry.

I can see people wanting to fence waterways off near to pubs and such, though they too are of little consequence, as those at Bath have clearly proved.

But anyone cruising through Meaford Locks at Stone on the Trent & Mersey Canal will realise that someone there really went over the top with fencing as every little bit of water is well fenced-off, much more than anywhere else on the canal, and nowhere near a pub.

Work for someone

What all this achieved I have no idea, other than it must have provided work for someone, but it is rather over-the-top.

There is fencing even on the off-side of the canal, that is unusual, but it all appeared a few years ago, and will soon disappear as of course there was no creosote on the stakes in the ground to protect them from rot, and neither is any other part of the fencing protected.