Council will not allow fence

Published: Saturday, 04 July 2009

THOUGH British Waterways gave permission for a home owner to erect a fence at the bottom of the garden, it must now be removed.

The home owner asked BW for permission to erect the fence by the side of the Coventry Canal to attempt to stop anti-social behaviour and vandals coming onto the property, and permission was given.

This seems to have upset Tamworth Borough Council, who are sending workers to forcibly remove the fence if it is not immediately taken down.

The council has issued an enforcement action insisting the fence be put back one metre and that 'more appropriate' landscaping be provided to front the canal towpath.

BW backed the home owner in its letter to the council stating that it had given permission after being approached about the poor quality of the hedgerow which separated the property from the towpath resulting in trespass.

Councillors didn't like this however and so voted in favour of enforcement action during a meeting of the planning committee on Wednesday.

Jinder Jhuti, owner of the property, hit back however stating: said:

"It seems the visual aspect of the fence has more importance than the council's commitment to tackle the cause and impact of crime and anti-social behaviour. We believe the enforcement action is wholly without merit, particularly as we have not made any material change to the use of the land."

Mrs Jhuti states that she will appeal against the enforcement notice once it has been served by the council.