Two strikes and you're out!

Published: Friday, 03 July 2009

SUCH is the anti-social behaviour at a British Waterways marina, that the manager has had to introduce a 'two strikes and you're out' regime to attempt to quell it.

It was last year that one boater writing in narrowboatworld likened the residents section at Sawley Marina as a 'council estate', and as soon as he was able, moved to the more peaceful environment of Mercia Marina.

Such have been the complaints from boaters of the behaviour of some residents, that the management has taken the extraordinary step of threatening expulsion from the marina for those who continue such behaviour.

Too much to drink

In a letter to all those on that part of the marina, Marina Manager Steve Hart wrote concerning the May Bank holidays he told that some people had too much to drink and their behaviour and bad language spoilt not only the Bank Holidays but other weekends as well. He added that more complaints land on his desk than ever before.

The complaints ranged from speeding inflatables, foul language, loud music, unsupervised children and dogs being allowed to roam free.

Steve also has concerns of steerers in the marina under the influence of drink and boaters almost coming to blows whilst under the influence. He has told all that if he receives two justifiable complaints of any boaters that cannot be resolved, then their contract will be terminated.

A neighbouring boater told us that there was an inflatable with a noisy outboard dashing round the marina at midnight as part of a party, but with the people involved 'well plastered', he was afraid to complain.