Serious lock approach accident

Published: Wednesday, 01 June 2011

THERE was a serious accident at Nell Bridge Lock (32) on the Oxford Canal at 6:00pm yesterday (Tuesday) when a teenager was hit by a car on the road that crosses the downstream lock approach.

The teenager was off a hire boat from Oxfordshire Cruisers,  moored at the lock with a crew of around eight supervised  teenagers, and the boy, a twin, was crossing the busy B4100  when he was hit by a car, boater Terry Brown reports, adding:

"The word from a Black Prince hire boat which was also at the lock, was that his injuries were very serious. He was taken to hospital by ambulance. The police closed the road for the length of the bridge and would not allow anyone, including boaters to use it.

"The distraught family returned to their hire boat and moved off towards Banbury. There are warning signs posted by British Waterways to be aware of 'Fast Moving Traffic' as you cross the road."