MP to back future of Purton Hulks

Published: Monday, 30 May 2011

THE Friends of Purton—endeavouring to safeguard the hulks on the Severn Estuary—have welcomed the announcement by Stroud Member of Parliament, Neil Carmichael that he intends to chair an open public meeting in order to discuss their future.

The hulks are regarded as one of Gloucestershire's most famous maritime monuments, the largest ships' graveyard in the country, and its designation in 2010, as the site of last remaining Kennet built canal boat Harriett, (seen in the picture with Paul) as a vessel of great archaeological significance and maritime importance.

Proactive step

The meeting, which it is hoped, will include prominent members from English Heritage, Natural England, British Waterways, elected politicians representing Hinton Parish Council, Stroud District and Gloucestershire County Council, is seen as the most proactive step to ensuring adequate protection of the Gloucestershire time capsule since its formation in 1909.

Friends Chairman, Paul Barnett, heralded the move as a unique opportunity to openly discuss both the protection of the site and the preservation of the surrounding environment. Scheduled to take place at the Sharpness Dockers' Club commencing 6:45 pm for 7:00pm on 1st June 2011 Paul encourages all with an interest in the future of the site, to attend in order to participate in the ongoing debate to protect the region's diminishing maritime archaeology.

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