Charging problem solved

Published: Monday, 08 July 2024

THE Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust has operated a solar-powered boat on the Derwent since 2022.

But its mooring is underneath the arches of a bridge that means it gets no power from the sun, Janet Friend reports.

But at last a mooring is to be provided on the river away from the bridge, so it will get power whenever it is moored in the daylight.

Floating mooring

This means the boat will be more environmentally friendly and also enable wheelchair users to get aboard. Being on a river means the water rises and falls so a floating mooring will be provided to keep the boat safe.

If it does not get enough charge through its solar panels, it also has a mains plug-in socket to charge the batteries.

But on its new mooring this will drastically cut down on mains use.