Boat owners to be fenced-off from passing over shopping

Published: Thursday, 20 June 2024

BOATERS at Diglis Marina at the junction of the Birmingham & Worcester Canal and the Severn are to have a problem with their shopping.

When the boaters have heavy shopping they pass it over a fence where people living nearby take it off them to allow the boaters to walk their way round without carrying their shopping, Janet Friend reports.

A mile trek

For they have a mile trek to get around the fence to their boats, and these caring people taking the shopping save the boaters having to carry it all the way round.

Alas a couple of the residents of the dwellings object and want a higher fence erected to stop the boaters passing shopping over the small fence.

But worse, these people want the marina to pay around £10,000 to have the fence erected.

If this proposed fence was erected it would mean boaters at the marina would then have a 20 minutes walk, often with heavy shopping, to get to their boats.

Being punished

Apartment owners say the current practice means boaters can access a private car park and they claim some people have been climbing over the metal railings. But the residents who help the boaters say they are being punished for helping boat owners, many of whom do not have cars.

Before Albion Mill housing development was built, boat owners accessed the marina directly from the site but now have the mile long detour to reach their boats.