Further damage delays Wigan Flight opening

Published: Thursday, 20 June 2024

THE repairs to the damaged cill on Lock 84 on the Wigan flight on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal have been further delayed.

Damage has been discovered to two large wooden floor planks on the lock floor. These are required to be repaired to ensure the success of the other ongoing works to the cill.

The repairs to the planks are scheduled to start tomorrow, Friday, 21st June.

Machinery brought in

Machinery had been brought onto the bed of the canal to remove the damaged cill and concrete arrowhead and they have been broken-up and removed from the lock.

It was whilst this was taking place that the further damage of the floor planks was discovered.

But in the meantime the floor planks will have to be repaired that will prevent the reopening of the lock on the anticipated date of Monday 24th June.