E-bike explodes on the Rochdale Canal

Published: Saturday, 01 June 2024

THREE people were near to an e-bike at Miles Platting on the Rochdale Canal when it exploded.

One woman was hit by flying debris and treated at hospital for 'minor injuries' but the other two it seems were further away..

e bikesTowpathThe e-bike started to smoke at its battery compartment then burst into flames then 'exploded' scattering pieces over the towpath of the canal.

Not allowed on towpaths

The motorised e-bikes are not allowed on the towpaths, but alas they are often seen our having two passing us on our recent cruise on the Trent & Mersey Canal.

The report stated that had the walkers been really close to the e-bike when it exploded they could have suffered serious injury.

This comes after a series of such electric e-bike explosions, one last month outside Buckingham Palace.