Still the usual stoppages

Published: Friday, 31 May 2024

THOUGH well into the boating season there are still the usual stoppages.

Together with those that have been in force for weeks, in addition to the Peak Forest, as Keith Gudgin reports.


The most dangerous is the visitor mooring pontoon on the tidal Trent at Dunham with limited use owing to the northern side of the pontoon remaining unsafe to use.

This was damaged in the flood in January, but is still awaiting a crane boat to be able to repair.

No update until August, that means it will be in this condition until then, at least.

But owing to the prioritisation of other essential works taking place on the network there is no time scale as to when the crane boat will be on site.

South Stratford Canal

Lowsonford Lock 128 on the South Stratford Canal is still out of use after its failure in April.

However there is hope of it being repaired in early June with stop planks currently being installed to enable investigations and repairs.

It now depends on what is found, so more will be known as work progresses.

RodneyNorthampton11Northampton Arm

Owing to the failure of the balance beam on lock Lock 11 of the Northampton Arm the lock remains inoperable.

The photograph is by Rodney Hardwick who was prevented from reaching the Nene by the stoppage.

This of course closes the lock flight between the Grand Union and Northampton onto the Nene.

The lock beam is in such a state it cannot be repaired and so a new one is required that will take a month to fix.

During this time however there will be an assisted passage through the lock between noon and 3pm on the following dates only:

Monday 3rd June, Friday 7th June, Friday 14th June, Friday 21st June, Friday 28th June.