Those Google adverts

Published: Monday, 15 April 2024

AS YOU will have gathered I've 'dropped-off' stating my views in narrowboatworld lately, writes James Henry.

But Victor's views on Google has awakened them, for I wholeheartedly agree with him this time!

The Google adverts are a menace, and attempting to read any news on the internet means you have to wade through advert after advert, and it is obvious to all with so many things being restated time after time again is solely to get the space for more adverts, that of course pleases Google, as it get's the cash.

Giving up

Luckily though, going through the various publications I see they are, like yourselves, giving-up on Google adverts with their pages now completely free of them.

Mind you I notice that instead, canal internet publications blatantly advertise themselves instead, with one having eight such massive adverts on one page alone flogging itself. Mind you I expect it needs to, as the bulk of its content is pro-Canal & River Trust, and never a mention helping boaters with such as the multitude of breakages and stoppages that prevent them boating that you tell of, and certainly terrified of including anything the like of what Allan Richards gives us!

This one tells of how good it is with the news, the best in fact, but is totally one-sided, peddling the trust's propaganda and little else.

[We have purposely omitted the name of the publication.]