A criminal offence—update

Published: Monday, 15 April 2024

IT WAS on Wednesday, 10th April 2024, that narrowboatworld published the article 'A criminal offence'.

This documented events leading up to Canal & River Trust (CaRT) being reported to the Information Commissioner due to concerns that it had breached Section 77 of the Freedom of Information Act by concealing information to prevent disclosure.

Only one version

CaRT had consistently maintained that it only had one version of the DJS Research Boat Licence Consultation.

Allan Richards tells us that just two days after the article was published, Legal & Governance Director, Tom Deards, admitted that information was concealed and provided a copy of the 41 page DJS Research report that was given to CaRT's board in July 2023. Also provided was a copy of 37 page DJS Research report later made public.

Allan adds both the 41 page 'board' report and the 37 page 'public' report claim to be the 'final report' ...