Second Wrenbury strike in a week

Published: Wednesday, 17 April 2024

MONDAY 15th saw the second Wrenbury Lift Bridge (20) strike in a week.

WrenburyLiftBridgeThe safety barriers on the bridge on the Llangollen Canal were struck on Monday 8th of this month putting the navigation out of action, then repaired in time for them to be struck again this Monday 15th, with the navigation closed yet again., Keith Gudgin reports.

Reopened the next day

But this time it seems the contractors were ready, for they were repaired and the navigation reopened the next day, Tuesday.

It was Victor who told of the trust's idea of cameras being installed, covering the lift and swing bridges, such as Wrenbury Lift Bridge and the Royal Oak Swing Bridge, then the trust being able to claim the cost of repairs, saving itself the outlay.

These are becoming essential as these two bridges are being struck time and time again.