Don't use cookies anymore

Published: Monday, 15 April 2024

IN ADDITION to those adverts that are inserted on behalf of firms by Google, writes Julie Warne.

What about all those that want you to allow cookies? They blatantly tell you that they 'value your privacy', so you press and allow them, and they do exactly the opposite!

Deluded with rubbish

I have allowed cookies and then been deluded with rubbish that is obviously the result of allowing cookies.

But I see that some sites now give an alternative, allowing access without agreeing to cookies, that I believe shows they are getting the message that people know the real value of them. And they realise that there are many like myself who will not entertain them.

I never press the 'cookie' button any more, so those that insist loose business, as I was going to purchase a new item, but before doing so I had to press 'the button', but would not, so went elsewhere instead who didn't have 'the button', getting in fact a better deal!

(Incidentally, I also moor at Mercia with my partner, so will have to find you out for we will have lots to discuss!)