Upgrade of Trent & Mersey towpath

Published: Thursday, 07 March 2024

OVER five miles of towpath on the Trent & Mersey are to be upgraded for cyclists.

Money being provided by the Government’s Towns Fund, though not clear where the five miles includes, as it states it is from Branston Water Park to Dove Aqueduct.

Also the National Lottery Heritage Fund is providing cash for wildlife habitat and trees by the canal.

Benefits to boaters

As to the benefits to boaters, these are doubtful with speeding cyclists dashing past, not realising what seems an empty boat having boaters stepping off and risking being hit by the silent bike. And of course mooring activities being somewhat dangerous. Not forgetting the now fast e-bikes often driven by totally inexperienced kids.

Walkers, some with pushchairs or wheechairs have difficulty getting out of their way, or being hit—as many have.

Under the former British Waterways, there were licences issued for cyclists with the name and address of the owner having to be submitted, giving a chance for retribution.

Now of course just a notice to keep the speed down, which from experience is of little use, and not so much 'wellbeing'.