Possible breach closes Llangollen

Published: Thursday, 07 March 2024

A SIGNIFICANT leak has been identified on the Llangollen Canal.

This leak has been linked to the bed of the canal, and efforts are being made to get the waterway stable so as to release the trapped boats,

Escort boats past

Once stable, it may be possible to institute a process to escort the boats past the site of the leak, to help relieve boat traffic.

The problem is between Hampton Bank Bridge (50) and Roving Bridge (46) at Welshampton.

For should the leak turn out to be a breach, as they often are, it will take months to repair, and boaters certainly don't want to be trapped at the wrong side of it.

But as the Llangollen Canal supplies Hurleston Reservoir with drinking water from the Dee, the drain/breach will be treated as urgent.