No need to book Harecastle

Published: Saturday, 24 February 2024

THERE is no need to book passage through Harecastle Tunnel during summer opening times this year.

But only in the mornings. It is open without bookings from Friday 1st March until Thursday 31st October, Keith Gudgin reports.

harecastle1The tunnel will be open for passages from 8am to 12noon, Monday to Sunday, and must arrive at the tunnel portal at least five minutes before entry.

Not after noon

There is no guarantee of passage for arrivals after 12 noon unless pre booked the day before online at customer services on 0303 0404040 to book.

Bookable passages are available Southbound (Kidsgrove to Tunstall) at 2pm and 4pm and Northbound (Tunstall to Kidsgrove) at 3pm.