Additional six weeks stoppage to the winter works programme

Published: Friday, 23 February 2024

THE Canal & River Trust has announced an additional stoppage to its winter works programme of six weeks.

As the bottom end towpath side quoin at lock 9 on the Stourbridge Canal has come away from the wall, it has caused a stoppage, Keith Gudgin reports.

For this makes it very difficult to fill and operate the lock, so emergency repairs are needed to stop further deterioration. This has made it more difficult as the stop plank grooves at the top of the lock are also damaged and repair works to these are also required.

Other work planned

Other work is planned for work on the bottom gates.

As the quoin needs to be repaired, the gates will have to be re-fitted. The repairs are likely to take six weeks to complete, we are told.

The works are planned to start on the Monday 26th February and be completed by Friday the 5th April 2024. [As per usual!]