Navigations open

Published: Saturday, 24 February 2024

WOOD END Lift Bridge (24) on the Peak Forest Canal is now open.

This is after the closure of the bridge that was found to have a blown fuse and it has been replaced Friday evening, Keith Gudgin reports.

The bridge fuse was quickly replaced, for as readers will be aware, this is a regular occurrence with this bridge.

Wigan Flight open

Lock 73, on the Wigan Lock Flight of the  Leeds & Liverpool Canal has been repaired with the flight now reopened. It was on the 8th of December that the 'apron of the cill fractured', closing the lock.

Due to the current work programme already occurring on the Wigan Flight at that time the contractors were unable to complete this repair at the same time, but it was promised work would start on Tuesday 2nd January and end on Friday 2nd February.

However this did not occur, with the repair finished and the navigation reopened yesterday, another Friday—three weeks later.