Grenade discovered on narrowboat

Published: Wednesday, 21 February 2024

POLICE were called to a narrowboat on the Peak Forest Canal over the week-end.

This was after a grenade was discovered on a moored narrowboat on the canal, that caused part of New Mills to be evacuated as a 100 metre cordon had to be put in place, Keith Gudgin reports.

Grenade save

The Army's Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team attended and discovered the grenade was safe.

The cordon was then lifted, with a police spokesman telling:

"It was common for families of war veterans to find these unexpected souvenirs, a lot of service members either brought them home from the war or purchased them later.

"However, devices like the one below can remain intact for decades and explode without notice."

Boating was not affected owing to work on the Peak Forest at present.