Still no resolution to Don Doors gearbox problems

Published: Wednesday, 21 February 2024

THERE  is still no resolution to the Don Doors gearbox problem.

Though it was expected the broken gearbox problem could be solved after it was 'repaired' twice, but failed, and then to be repaired by the use of a specialist tool, this has not materialised, Keith Gudgin reports.

DonDoorsStill out of action

But now no mention of the required tool, only that the Don Doors is still out of action, but now a new gearbox has been ordered for this New Junction Canal flood lock.

And a new problem—there is a delivery of six to eight weeks!

So the trust is continuing to work on a temporary repair with a gearbox specialist and are hopeful of having a temporary solution implemented by next Tuesday 27th February, hoping this will last until the new gearbox arrives. The new gearbox will then be 'planned for install at a later date'.

In the meantime the Don Doors will remain in the closed position as a flood defence with no access for boats. All this started on the 20th January.