Two year old child missing in the Soar

Published: Monday, 19 February 2024

A TWO year old child has been lost in the flooded Soar.

This occurred yesterday, Sunday with the frantic search still continuing this morning, Keith Gudgin reports.

SoarChildFloodAylestoneLeapt into river

At the time the parents leapt into the river in an attempt at rescue but the flood had swept the child away.

All the emergency teams are on hand this morning in an attempt at rescue but though teams have been searching it has been without success, being so hindered by the flooded river.

The child fell into the river at Aylestone Meadows in Leicester.  A man helping in the search, became unwell and was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

Still continuing

The search is still continuing this morning with the addition of specialist teams. A helicopter and a drone have also been used in the search. The child's family is being supported by specialist officers.

The police have warned people not to go near the river due to rising water levels and safety risks. This is very good advice from the police and when in flood it applies to all rivers—keep away, it is not safe.