Loughborough flood blamed on Grand Union 'bursting its banks'!

Published: Thursday, 04 January 2024

THE flood in Loughborough, we are told, was caused by the Grand Union Canal 'bursting it banks'.

That is according to the Leicester Mercury, that quoted the fire brigade and police telling people it was the canal that caused the flooding!, Keith Gudgin reports.

Never seen before

Loughborough was hit it is told, by flooding to an extent never seen before. According to residents in Loughborough it was the Grand Union Canal that is believed to have 'burst its banks', flooding its neighbouring areas

Yet it is told that areas across the town were under water as rain brought by Storm Henk had overwhelmed already swollen rivers and drainage systems.

Which was the true reason, the waterway being much lower than the town and connected to the Soar that was well in flood.