Boaters rescued from holiday park

Published: Thursday, 04 January 2024

THE flooded Nene has caused resident boaters to be rescued from their boats.

Fire crews scrambled as Billing Holiday Park became flooded, with boaters trapped in their boats, and people in caravans  and chalets.

The Nene

The Nene, where the holiday park is situated, was in flood, forcing many to flee the holiday park, as the waterway was spreading well beyond its confines making it impossible to reach the boats.

Those who had left it too late were taken to safety from the park together with their pets, by Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service.

As at many other marinas the jetties were under water and thus unsafe.


The fire service used dingies to transport people to higher ground away from the flood.

Sirens sounded warning of the flood, it being the first time they had ever been used. Another 'warning' was the post on Facebook telling that no more customers could be accepted.