Trent flood traps marina residents on their boats

Published: Thursday, 04 January 2024

THE flood water of the swollen Derwent from the Pennines having reached the Trent has made matters worse.

It has gone over the top of Derwent Mouth Lock affecting Chapel Farm Marina as it did in the the year 2000, with videos on social media, showing the height of the flood this time.

Ripping out planks from jetties

Below this, Sawley Marina, has water over its jetties, with the force of the water coming off Tamworth Road (that is completely closed) then through the marina and  ripping out the planks from  the jetties, resulting in any residents on their boats or cabins trapped until the water recedes, being advised it is too dangerous to walk the jetties.

At the moment the water over the jetties is above wader height. and with broken planks they are impossible to use, but a boat is patrolling supplying provisions  upon ringing 0115 907 694763.

The boat is also patrolling and making sure boats and cabins are safe, we are told.

The other marinas, right downstream to Newark and Kings are all in a similar position owing to the height of the river but we have no definite information.

Boats broken loose

We are informed by a Canal & River Trust staff member that there are 'no few' boats having broken loose, that cannot be retrieved owing to the sheer width of the river at this time.

He added that over the many years he has been around Newark he has never seen it so bad and feels for those whose boats will be ruined, but also for those people whose houses are now under water.