Major incident declared along on the Trent

Published: Thursday, 04 January 2024

A MAJOR incident has now been declared by counties along the Trent due to widespread flooding .

The key tributaries that feed into the Trent, the Derwent, Soar and Dove have reached their peaks, with the high maximum water levels passing down the Trent on Thursday night.

The major incidents were declared owing to the general flooding all along the river closing many roads, flooding dwellings, commercial properties and entire farmlands.

The height of the river at Carlton was on Thursday afternoon registered at 7.41 metres with it inches off the 2000 flood mark.


As to the flood affecting boating, the various outlets tell of numerous boats now adrift and easily passing over locks on their way down river with it being measured at Clifton Bridge today at just over 24ft.

The flooded marinas are doing the best they can in a very dangerous situation, to save the boats in their care.

But the bank side moored boats are having a bad time, according to accounts, with many swept off their moorings by the sheer force of the flood.

Left the river completely

Many have left the the river course completely and are scattered on built-up areas, roads and farmland as the river was well over its bank in many places.

One report tells of boats 'flying down river and sinking', but we have no actual confirmation of this.

It was no great rainfall that caused the flood in 2000 but by allowing a mass of water to be released out of the Ladybower Reservoir on the Derwent for its embankment had a 'straight' build that was liable to give way as the three reservoirs were full.

If it had failed the water would have severely flooded the nearby villages together with Matlock. All the water joined the Trent and flooded that instead!