Coxhead Swing Bridge barriers to be reinforced

Published: Thursday, 16 November 2023

IN AN attempt to reduce the stoppages on Coxhead Swing Bridge (20) its barriers are to be reinforced next week.

The damaged barrier that caused the recent stoppage on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal swing bridge has been temporarily repaired prior to reinforcement, Keith Gudgin reports.

CoxheadLLMany Stoppages

The barriers, either being hit by vehicles or broken by the wind, have caused many stoppages, which together with electrical faults has earned it Victor naming it the 'Cox on the Rocks', owing to its many failures, that will perhaps  be a thing of the past when the work is finally finished.

However, it is now reopened for navigation having been successfully repaired.

Not so lucky

The work near Wanless Bridge (145) on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal is not so lucky with its repair to the damaged culvert.

A safe access route has been installed down to the outlet of the culvert to allow preparation for the pipe liner to be installed, but work has been prevented owing to the heavy rain and the rush of water through the culvert.

Contractors have told  they will be re-jetting and cleaning the culvert this week to allow them to complete the  liner installation.

Clay installed

Then next week clay will be installed to allow work to begin on the walls of both sides of the canal.

With a firm programme from the contractor, it is expected that it will be completed, including work on the wash walls and the installation of the manhole chamber, but will 'take until late January 2024, with navigation resuming, at the earliest, mid-January 2024'...!