Wood End Lift Bridge 'properly repaired' at last

Published: Friday, 10 November 2023

FOR many months the Wood End Lift Bridge on the Peak Forest Canal has been giving problems.

It  being repaired then failing again with various reasons given for its closure right back from the 12th January, with on that occasion it being an 'operating fault', Keith Gudgin reports.

wood end liftBut eventually, during October, it was decided to undertake a 'full repair' of the bridge and it was closed whilst this was being completed.

Quicker than estimated

And it has been, with the work now done and the navigation re-opened, quicker than estimated.

The works involved removing the old bearings and hydraulic cylinder and the cylinder being taken out for overhaul. Whilst this was being done the hydraulic hoses were replaced along with the installation of the new bearings.

When this was completed, full tests of the bridge proved satisfactory so the bridge could then be reopened.