Contractor appointed to move landslide

Published: Friday, 03 November 2023

A CONTRACTOR has been appointed to move the landslide on the Worcester & Birmingham Canal.

The landslide occurred during Storm Babet, when a large amount of debris fell into the canal at Shortwood Tunnel West Portal taking the canal bank and towpath with it on 20th October, Keith Gudgin reports.

Closed waterway and towpath

This of course has closed the waterway and towpath, but now a contractor has been appointed and is currently mobilising the plant that is most appropriate for the work involved.

In addition, a further contractors is involved with removing the vegetation to clear the ground so the main work can begin.

Work should start on Monday with the main work of removing the debris and repairing whatever damage will be found.

No update

There has been no update on the statement from Canal & River Trust that it will be a 'couple of months before we can open the navigation and towpath again'.

This of course depends on the amount of work that is discovered needs undertaking.