New stoppage record but looking better

Published: Monday, 16 October 2023

SEPTEMBER proved to be the worst month ever for stoppages with a total of 40.


These ranged from short one day stoppages to month long stoppages with some recurring time after time, with Crabtree Swing Bridge on the Leeds & Liverpool failing four times, on the 5th, then again the following day then three days later on the 9th then lasting a little longer until it failed again on the 18th, with various reasons given.

As to the Leeds & Liverpool, this had a long stoppage on the Wigan Flight and now there is a culvert seemingly collapsed near the tunnel, destined to be another long job to repair.

The Huddersfield Narrow had its usual stoppages, with four recorded in September, with the Aire & Calder getting three stoppages, which is unusual, as it doesn't normally have so many.

Came off lightly

For once the Rochdale came off lightly with just a single stoppage all the month. The Erewash suffered four stoppages, usually through low water levels with vandals usually blamed. A number of the stoppages were through lack of water, with so many leaks.

Things are looking better for October so far, with only 11 stoppages for the first 14 days.