Weed restricts navigation for seven weeks

Published: Friday, 01 September 2023

LARGE clumps of weed will restrict navigation on the Dudley canals for seven weeks.

The section from Netherton down to Delph Locks on the waterway is covered with water fern, Keith Gudgin reports.

WaterFernAvoid the section

Canal & River Trust is asking boaters to avoid this section for the next seven weeks as it is dealing with a significant bloom of water fern that is an aquatic invasive species that can cause serious issues for both navigation and wildlife.

During next week the trust will be attempting to obliterate the weed by releasing a biological control to help reduce the spread of the plant, that is estimated at costing in the region of £4,000 and if it spreads could cost  more.

Do not navigate through clumps

Boaters who need to use this route are asked not to navigate directly through large clumps of the weed, and make sure there is no weed on the boat when passing through so not to spread it.