Fund Britain's Waterways events

Published: Thursday, 31 August 2023

THE following is from the National Association of Boat Owners (NABO) concerning Fund Britain's Waterways  (FBW) events:

FBW2Since the spring, another campaign cruise has been in planning, this time to the Palace of Westminster, a cruise which has several similarities to the one in January 2007 (pictured) which also sought to effect change by the Government.

Assistance from organisations

Thirty-one boats with lots of crew played a crucial role in that adventure, and thankfully, many have kindly agreed to be involved this time around too. Members of both Houses of Parliament are engaged with the campaign and we're also in receipt of pro-bono assistance from various organisations.

FBW1Generous donations to the FBW finances have been made by Royal Yachting Association, Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs, National Association of Boat Owners and Inland Waterways Association.

The Metropolitan Police Service are considering our application to hold a procession in a restricted area, the Port of London Authority have us on their radar and events calendar and Canal & River Trust have agreed that the facilities and infrastructure we need will be provided without charge to boaters. Here's the outline of events:

The events

Friday 10 until Sun 12 November, boats gather in Limehouse Basin for moorings and to prepare boats for the tideway.

Sun 12 Nov at 19.00, the mandatory safety brief followed by communal supper in the Cruising Association, adjacent to Limehouse Lock.

Mon 13 Nov a.m., depart Limehouse Basin for West India Dock  moorings, via City Mill and Three Mills locks, with a run along Bow Creek to the Thames.

Tuesday 14 Nov late a.m., depart West India Dock for the Palace of Westminster, arrival timed for circa 14.20. Following the inevitable pictures and social media posts, return to West India Dock for overnight moorings

Wed 15 Nov late a.m., either return to Limehouse per the outbound transit, or, if the weather has forced a postponement from the previous day, depart West India Dock for the Palace of Westminster, returning to West India Dock for overnight moorings.

Thu 16 Nov late a.m., either disperse from Limehouse Basin or depart West India Dock for Limehouse Basin per the earlier transit.

Signed up for the adventure

Though many of St. Pancras Cruising Club's experienced tideway boaters have signed-up for this adventure with their boats, there's room for more. This is where you can play a vital role, either by bringing your boat, assisting as crew or, failing that, waving and shouting your support from Westminster Bridge.

Planning is at an advanced stage and additional information will be available in due course. In the meantime, please contact us atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07850 753 633 and let us know if you're able to join this campaign cruise. [Image by St Pancras Cruising Club.]