Now it's really silly

Published: Saturday, 12 August 2023

CaRT are still spouting ridiculous numbers, writes John Coxon.

NoCutting2Now it's 885 million

Now it's 885 million visitors per year to the towpaths. Yes 885,000,000.—'An increase of 30% in the last four years' according to the latest Boaters Update.

That means there must be on average 442,500 visits per mile per year.

Which averages out to around 1,212 people per mile per day or over 100 people per hour on every single mile, assuming an average of 12 hours use each day. [Definitely not on the two towpaths shown!]

Every person in UK visits over 12 times a year!

OvergrownTowpathWith a population of 70 million it is also equivalent to EVERY person in the UK visiting a CaRT waterway over 12 times every year on average!

How many boaters see anything like that number of visitors per day, every day throughout the year?

Well, all I can say is if you believe CaRT's figures then you'll believe elephants are pink!