The clock is starting to turn backward

Published: Wednesday, 02 August 2023

SARAH Niblock, CEO of the Inland Waterways Association (IWA) suggests that 'the clock is starting to turn backwards'.

She remarking that IWA was formed to protect our inland waterways in 1946 at a time when they were under threat. and as a result of IWA’s work many navigations that would have closed remained open, adding:

500 miles under restoration

"Appreciation of the value of our waterways began to grow and restoration schemes got under way. We can now say proudly that since IWA was formed 500 miles of waterways have been restored and another 500 miles are under restoration.

"But, gravely, the clock is starting to turn backwards. The government has announced that it is cutting its grant to Canal and River Trust, putting the network’s future in peril.

"IWA is very concerned that without adequate funding our waterways will again face closures and the millions of hours of volunteer time spent restoring and protecting waterways will be lost."

The IWA launched the 'Protect Our Waterways' campaign in March 2023 and, by joining IWA, it's voice will be strengthened.