Pressing buttons out of sequence

Published: Thursday, 25 May 2023

I SEE another story about the recurring fault on the Winkwell Swing Bridge but I wonder if it is actually a fault? Asks Ian Waters.

Last year on the Kennet & Avon our trip was brought to an abrupt stop when I accidently pressed the wrong sequence of buttons on an electric swing bridge. This resulted in the bridge being frozen in place with the barriers up and the road open to traffic.

Arrived a few hours later

CaRT arrived quite quickly a few hours later and said the system was designed this way for safety reasons because I had pressed the wrong sequence of buttons and was quite easily solved by them as they had a key to reach the reset button inside the cabinet. They were very pleasant and helpful.

The only things actually suffered by me was a little delay and feeling a bit foolish.

I wonder if something similar happens at Winkwell?