Victor admits to getting his 'knickers in a twist'!

Published: Sunday, 19 March 2023

AFTER 23 years I reckon that for once I am allowed to get my 'knickers in a twist' as Stephen Bean so succulently described.

He was referring to my take on Canal & River Trust's charity and limited company status, that I did get somewhat confused about. But I have to ask, with all the shenanigans from dear CaRT in attempting to obscure its limited liability status, little wonder I was somewhat confused in bringing it to light.

Any way, I consider myself to be well put in my place!

It's now shown

However, I see that the elusive limited liability number is now shown on the bottom of some of CaRT's—or should I now call it Canal & River Trust Ltd?—web pages.

But as to why it was not there when it was first registered as limited by guarantee we can only guess...

How many more?

I wonder just how many more lengths of boat moorings are going to be closed this summer to have their towpaths upgraded instead of it being done in the winter months?

It's three already and they seem to be the favourite ones.

It certainly seems strange that all these three had excuses for not being done in the winter, as was usual in the past, when there was so much less demand.

It makes me wonder if this is all part of the encounter between CaRT and the Bargees, who are certainly upsetting Cart in pointing out its many failures and excuses.

No more charges for Liverpool moorings

Not only are there to be no more charging for boats to moor at the Liverpool Dock. but those who have paid are to get refunds.

How has this come about? It was a NABO council member who emailed boss man Richard Parry about the retrospective Liverpool Dock mooring charges.

So because of the many complaints, CaRT will refund all charges made on bookings before March.

It certainly shows one thing though—it does pay to write to the CEO!

A long job

A long job indeed at the Trevor Basin near the terminus of the Llangollen Canal, our Keith tells me.

It was closed way back last October, yet still the work will not be finished until the end of May—another 11 weeks, meaning no access to the basin and its visitor moorings until then. Always considering there is no further delay.

The excuse this time is that it is 'due to on-going delays to the various works in the vicinity'.

It's to do with construction work being undertaken by  contractors on the adjacent land, and a risk to boats moored there from damage by the contractors.

Nothing twisted

That's it my friends, with the hope there is nothing twisted this time, but should there be, no doubt one of you at least will let me know, and I'll have to admit it!

Victor Swift