Are the mooring closures about healthy exercise?

Published: Friday, 17 March 2023

THOUGH just minutes since we published about more closed boat moorings, two boaters have quickly responded.

Brian Cavill writes—Again this just shows CaRT priorities! Never mind boaters, its all about walkers (and speeding cyclists).

Surely fixing locks is more important. Just proves that they are influenced by government's policy of getting people off their bums and out exercising to save the NHS billions. Not really a priority for a supposed charity dedicated to preserving an ageing canal system!

Stop those pesky boats

Followed by Julia Warne having another go (after her comments about the Fradley moorings closure)—Yet again CaRT has decided winter is no time to close moorings, let's do it in summer and stop those pesky boats being able to moor.

So it's three long summer moorings closures, but is it so desperate for more cash it is doing them in an attempt to con the government it is doing so much more for healthy living by improving its towpaths for exercise?

We have certainly not heard of anything like this in past years, so why all this now?