Still more popular towpath moorings closed to September

Published: Friday, 17 March 2023

STILL another popular towpath moorings is to be out of use until September

This time the popular moorings in Market Harborough from the basin to Bridge 13 will be closed. Meaning there will be no moorings whatsoever until 1½ miles out of the basin, in which there are no visitor moorings, Keith Gudgin reports.

MarketHarboroughMooringsCompletely closed

The closure will start on Monday the 2nd May and last until the 9th of September. Both the towpath and the mooring will be completely closed to boaters and the public.

Canal & River Trust state 'the project is to improve the 2km stretch by resurfacing the towpath in a tar and chip surface'.

As it is a mile walk to such as Tesco in Market Harborough from the basin, and with no mooring allowed there, this means a total of a 2½ mile walk from your boat and back—five miles in all! Let's hope the shopping isn't heavy!

No notice

And it is rather obvious that there will be no prominent notice at the beginning of the Harborough Arm telling boaters that there are no moorings at its end...

The other long moorings closures due to towpath work are on the Staffs & Worcs with its junction with the Stourbridge Canal and on the Trent & Mersey at Fradley.