Accidents and sinking in Leeds & Liverpool Canal locks

Published: Wednesday, 15 March 2023

IT WAS back in October 2012 that Ken Churchill's narrowboat sunk having hung up on the lock chamber wall in Lock 40 on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

Lock40KenIncidents & sinkings

He reveals the official published report of incidents and sinkings on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal since 2007: 

287 incidents. 53 sinkings.

37 incidents and 10 sinkings have been related to lock chamber walls.

Bank Newton Locks (six locks) there have been 24 incidents involving lock chamber walls, with five sinkings.

Health & Safety Executive

The Health & Safety Executive reports damage to Lock 40 in its report:

'DAMAGE: to masonry at quoin particularly at high water from boat impact, particularly the first course down under the coping'.

PROTRUSIONS: a slight bulge 50mm and 75 mm outwards at 0.9m to 1.4 M below coping stone'.

The sinking of Ken Churchill's narrowboat in Lock 40. (pictured.)