CaRT pay out half a million on litigation and settlement costs

Published: Saturday, 04 March 2023

During 2012 to 2018 Canal & River Trust refused to admit liability for the sinking of my five months old narrowboat, writes Ken Churchill.

Occurred in August 2012 at Lock 40 ‘Chamber Wall Hang Up’ on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

Spent £500,000

Seeking 'freedom of information' I was informed CRT had spent more than £500,000 on litigation and settlement costs regarding CRTs failure of duty also failure to implement CRTs Minimum Safety Standard 2.d.3 which states: 'Lock Chambers and Gates must be kept free of protrusions which could cause snagging of vessels'.

[In] 2018 I contacted the Charity Commission complaining that (the Charity) Canal & River Trust had wasted more than £500,000.

The Charity Commission's reply was 'The Canal & River Trust do not come on their remit'.

Nothing done

Note: No remedial work has been carried out to rebuild the out of vertical lock 40 chamber wall. Thus the risk of boat hang ups remain today, eleven years later.